Fishing Report October 23rd, 2014

on Thursday, 23 October 2014. Posted in 2014

For the third time in just as many weeks we are once again experiencing high winds and rough seas with waves at the Delaware Lightship reporting23oct14-1 station in the eight to ten foot category and winds in excess of thirty miles per hour. It has certainly been tough trying to get a break from Mother Nature for seemingly way too long now and it's been tough just getting away from the docks lately with the unsettled weather we have been experiencing.

23oct14-2Fall is the time of year when we expect to see some of the most interesting fishing of the year with a variety of fish and a host of options as to what you might target and where you will try on any given day. This year ever since the Flounder moved outside of our reach further offshore, it has felt like our options have been somewhat limited. Even though the Sea Bass season is now open, there were a few weeks where we were unable to target these tasty fish due to regulations, and with water temperatures still much warmer than normal the Tautog fishing in my book left a lot to be desired when that season first opened. Throw in some pesky winds and waves and your left with a recipe for, well let's just say not the fabulous fall fishing we are accustomed to seeing in our region given the time of year.

Our Tautog season opened up at the end of September and with not much else to target we put all our effort into anchoring over the inshore 23oct14-3structures and trying to get some of them to bite. Our water temperatures as October rolled in were still in the low to mid seventies and it was obvious right out of the gate it was just too early to effectively try for the Tog. Everywhere we anchored we were met with almost immediate action with Sea Bass, Trout, Blues, Triggers, Croakers and Kingfish and of course some world class Oyster Crackers. The Tog other than around the shallow lighthouses and breakwaters were just not willing to bite yet on any of the artificial reefs structures or over the deeper wrecks. We were getting plenty of bites and some good action at times but it was just not what we were looking for, it is hard to get fish that you are not allowed to keep to add up at the end of the day. Fortunately between the Triggers, the Trout and the Snapper sized Blues we were able to see a few fresh fish suppers. The fall freezer packing however just wasn't in the cards.

23oct14-4Now we are in the third week of October and while water temperatures are still a little warmer than normal for the time of year they are on the decline. I have absolutely spent more time at the dock in the last couple weeks than I have spent fishing but the report is a little better for the days that we have been able to fish. Tautog are still disappointing as far as I'm concerned but we saw a lot more of them recently then we saw that first week in October. The action with the Tog has improved and we have seen some decent action fishing for them at times. As the water continues to cool this fishery should only improve more as the Tog become more active around the structures. Sea Bass fishing so far has been very decent and there has also been a nice mix of Blues and Triggers so far in with the Bass. I would anticipate good Sea Bass fishing to continue long after Thanksgiving but it is likely we will have to chase them further offshore as the season progresses.

Our schedule is pretty basic right now, I am still running the Full-Day trips seven days a week sailing at 7:0023oct14-5 a.m. And returning to the docks around 4:00. These trips will all be anchor fishing over ship wrecks and reefs targeting primarily Tautog, Sea Bass and whatever else may want to bite our baits. Watch the weather closely and pick your best day. Capt. H.D. has several special wreck fishing trips on the schedule fishing primarily for the Sea Bass. These trips are 10 and 12 hour trips and will hands down be your best bet for the Sea Bass as these fish inevitably push further offshore. We will start fishing for Stripers as soon as the water cools down enough for these fish to show up in the rips in the mouth of the Bay.

23oct14-6If you would like any more information about trips sailing out of the Wharf or you would like to book a private charter or reserve space on one of the upcoming special trips please give us a call at (302) 645- 8862 or check out our website at There is a complete list of scheduled trips including the special trips on the trip calendar link on the home page. For our most recent updates as well as all the pictures from our latest fishing trips be sure to check out our facebook link which also is located on our home page.

Until Next Week Happy Fishing!
Capt. Rick Yakimowicz
Thelma Dale IV
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