Fishing Report June 3rd, 2015

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Thought it was about time to update our fishing report probably way past due in fact. What a06-04-2015a start to the season we have had so far this year. It has been a strange spring to say the least. We started out with much colder water temperatures than normal but finally we are now pretty much on track for a normal summer of hopefully a good fish catching season!

06-04-2015bOnce we finally decided it was time to try and catch a fish we were looking at surface temperatures in the mid forties and bottom Temps much colder. Our first few trips we saw as many codfish as we saw Tautog. A sure sign that the water was still cold. Our Tog season started out pretty slow but as time progressed and the temperatures crept up the fishing was actually getting pretty good. Naturally just in time for the season to come to a close the second week in May. Not to worry the Sea Bass season would open in less than a week and we would be back in business again. Meanwhile we experienced a phenomenon that was basically unprecedented in our region. Slammer Bluefish invaded the lower end of the Delaware bay and actually into the Rehoboth Bay and were targeted and landed by fisherman from the surf, from kayaks, john boats party boats and were even landed from the banks of the canal and the Broadkill River for over a solid two weeks. These weren't little snapper sized fish. The majority of these choppers were over 10 pounds with many of these salt water piranhas tipping the scales in the mid to upper teens in weight. I have been fishing a long time and I have never even seen anything remotely close to the amount of these fish or the odd places that they were showing up this spring.

06-04-2015cAs the middle of May approached anticipation ran high with hopes of a good Spring Sea Bass run. Unfortunately the Sea Bass so far this spring have been somewhat disappointing. Much like the last several years the big opening day was much less than typical Sea Bass fishing at this time of the year. As the days went on there was a decent amount of fish to be had, at times the action was even fast and furious, however in just a couple of weeks time it was obvious that once again the spring run of black Sea Bass wasn't going to be anything to really brag about. We did see several nice citation sized Bass those first couple of weeks and we were fortunate to see a lot of bonus Codfish on just about every trip that we made but it was certainly not good Sea Bass fishing in my book.

Now the month of June has officially started and really the fishing scene looks very promising. 06-04-2015dWater temperatures on the surface are well into the sixties along the coast 20 miles out in the Ocean and much warmer than that up in the Bay. The first pelagic Sharks, Tuna, Mahi and even Marlin have all been landed from the local ports in the last couple weeks and the inshore fishing for Flounder in the back bays and canal has really started to take off with some nice flatties being landed just recently. Drum fishing has been fairly consistent on both sides of the Bay and the deep drop trips have produced good numbers on Tilefish. With all this action available by the first week in June you can't help but to think that it's going to be a good summer season.

06-04-2015eHere at the Wharf preparations for the season have been in full swing whenever we are not fishing. Mother nature has not really been our best friend so far this season, it seems like we will have a few day stretch where we think the weather has finally turned and then we will have another windy chilly setback. Shorts and light shirts have been the exception and not the norm, long pants socks and the hooded sweatshirts are by far the best clothing option we have while out on the water and even around the docks when the sun is behind the clouds still. We are however ready to start now with the full summer schedule as soon as Mother Nature will allow.

We continue to sail daily with the regular all-day trips departing the docks at 7:00 a.m. and returning 06-04-2015faround 4:00. Half-Day trips have basically just been getting out on weekends but it should be on a daily schedule as soon as more schools let out and there are a few more people around. Full day trips will either be anchoring over structure or drifting the rocky ledges and coral bottoms of the "old grounds" when the conditions allow. Sea Bass and Flounder will be at the top of the menu board and I think very soon we will be primarily targeting the Flounders. This time last year we were in the full Flounder fishing mode and this year looks to be about the same the way things seem to be shaking out.

06-04-2015gHalf-Day trips will sail at 8:00 a.m. and then again at 1:00. Evening half day trips will sail just Friday and Saturday evenings at 6:00 p.m. These trips will be targeting Croakers, Drum, Bluefish or anything else willing to bite the hooks. We also have an abundance of long range trips for Tilefish on the schedule if you are interested in the deep drop trips. Reservations in advance are a must for the long range trips and there is a full schedule on the trip calendar from the home page at with the dates available.

I will try to update this report as much as I can but sometimes it is just out of my control. For our most 06-04-2015hrecent updates as well as pictures from our latest fishing trips please check out our Facebook page. I am able to update there on a daily basis when need be.

If you would like any more Information. About trips sailing out of the Wharf or you would like to book a private charter or reserve space on an upcoming special trip please give us a call at (302) 645-TUNA. And don't forget to check us out on facebook.

Until Next Time Happy Fishing!

Capt. Rick Yakimowicz
Thelma Dale IV
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