Fisherman's Wharf Fishing Report

Fisherman's Wharf Fishing Report November 23, 2010

fish lewesI had almost forgotten what it was like to actually fish six out of the last seven days but thanks to a well deserved and most certainly appreciated break in the weather that is exactly what we have done this past week here at the Wharf, and the results have been what I would call "not too shabby." While I have spent just about all of my time fishing for the Tog, we have also had boats out fishing for the Stripers and both of our special trips for Sea Bass got off without too much of a hitch over the weekend with fair and even excellent results.

fish lewesI personally have kind of had it lucky lately, I have been Tog fishing fairly close to home and for the most part, not only have we had lots of fishing time but these fish have been cooperating rather nicely also! Knock on wood, up until the full moon over this past weekend, our Tog fishery has held up very well over the past few weeks. Not only have we been seeing decent numbers of these challenging bottom dwellers daily, but we have also been seeing some very decent sized fish landed on just about every trip we have made. It's not been all peaches and cream though believe me, these Tog have been bringing even the hardest of core Tog fishermen to their knees in the way they have been biting most recently. I don't have a reasonable explanation, but these fish of late, have been really tough, the bite has been so soft and so subtle that just holding a conversation with the angler beside you could mean a crushed bait and a missed fish! Tog fishing at it's finest some would say.

fish lewesHaving the luxury of being out several days straight it was almost as if the Tog became a little more predictable; at the beginning of the week the fish were biting just about throughout the strength of the tides. As the week progressed and the approaching full moon got nearer, the currents started to pick up fairly strong and the Tog became a little more finicky, not biting during the strengths but now turning on as the current broke down near the changes of the tides. Knowing when they were biting the best can be a great advantage however, when they only bite at the change of tide, your window of opportunity to try and catch these bait stealers becomes less and less. I think this was the major problem with the slower bite over the weekend. Water temperatures are good and I fully anticipate some more quality Tog days until the end of the year there seems to be a good number of these Tog around and the outlook is good.

fish lewesCapt. H.D. had another couple trips for the Sea Bass over the weekend however the moon didn't seem to make that much of a difference with the Sea Bass. While Saturdays trip started out pretty rough with the southwest winds blowing strong out of the gate, the Seas did calm and the fishing was described as just ok. No limits on this trip but top hooks into the mid to upper teens with tasty Bass. They also saw four nice Codfish, a few Porgies and a few Slammer Blues. There was plenty of action with small fish also. Sunday was the much better day, Capt. H was off again and this time the end results were quite good. Where Saturdays trip was described to me as "just ok" Sundays trip was described to me by several on board as "Fantastic!" Limit catches for everyone on board and back to the dock just before dark. It was no doubt a good trip.

fish lewesStriper fishing in the Mouth of the Bay has been seeing it's moments however unless you are the lucky one that has the 40 inch Rockfish on the end of your fishing line or in your cooler at the end of the day you could think it a little boring! There is without a doubt some very nice Rockfish around right now and they are coming into the docks in what I would call fair numbers regularly, however the bulk of these fish continue to pass us by well outside of the three mile line where we are allowed to legally land these quality fish. Without the big schools working in our range oftentimes we are just drifting the rips and waiting for the bites. I ran the Striper Boat yesterday and we had one of the better days landing ten Stripers and a big Blue for our efforts. These fish must have really been thick because I even caught a couple of them! For a instant it seemed so much easier than trying to catch a Tog!

fish lewesWe have quite a few good days left to try and get in on the action be it the Big Bass, the little Bass, or the Tautog. As long as the weather continues to cooperate we should be able to see good success with our trips. I will be off for Thanksgiving and back at it on Friday fishing for the Tog. After Monday I will be dropping back to just four days a week fishing on Friday, Saturday, Sunday's and Monday's wreck fishing fro Tog up until the middle of December when we will shut down for a while. We will continue to try and run a Striper trip daily also until the middle of December. If the weather is decent we will likely be able to continue getting out in the middle of the week Striper fishing even if we just have a few folks. We also have several more special trips lined up for the Sea Bass up until the end of the year when Sea Bass season closes.

If you would like any more information about trips sailing out of the Wharf or you would like to reserve space on a special trips or book a private charter please give us a s call at (302) 645-TUNA.

Until Next Week Happy Fishing!

Capt. Rick Yakimowicz
Thelma Dale IV

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